CamelliaGlobal Values for Children – All over the Globe

CamelliaGlobal Values for Children all over the globe is a pioneering initiative aimed at instilling fundamental values in young minds. By integrating these core principles into educational settings, we seek to foster a generation that is not only well-versed in global wellness and healthy lifestyles but also deeply rooted in universal values. This program encompasses a range of activities and resources, designed to resonate with children from diverse cultural backgrounds and geographic locations.

CamelliaGlobal Values Initiative: A Global Endeavor

The CamelliaGlobal Values for Children initiative spans the globe, designed to enrich the educational experience of children in various cultural contexts. This program focuses on integrating essential life values into everyday learning, ensuring a well-rounded development.

To cater to the diverse needs of young learners worldwide, CamelliaGlobal provides a variety of educational materials. These resources are crafted to engage children in a meaningful exploration of values, promoting a deep understanding and appreciation of global ethics.

Practical Application of Values in School Settings

A crucial aspect of the CamelliaGlobal Values for Children program is its practical application. Schools across the globe are encouraged to incorporate these values into their curriculum, enabling students to practice and embody these principles in real-life situations.

Interactive Activities and Global Participation

Content: Interactive activities form the core of this global values initiative. CamelliaGlobal encourages schools to participate in various interactive exercises, including creative poster-making and value-matching games, fostering a sense of global community among young participants.

CamelliaGlobal’s Commitment to Global Youth Development

At the heart of CamelliaGlobal Values for Children is a commitment to nurturing the next generation. By focusing on values education, CamelliaGlobal aims to contribute positively to the holistic development of children, preparing them to be responsible global citizens.

Join the CamelliaGlobal Values Movement

Schools, educators, and parents worldwide are invited to join the CamelliaGlobal Values for Children movement. Together, we can create a more compassionate, understanding, and respectful global community, starting with our youngest members.

Before You Download:

There are two Sections to the Values Series –

  • 1) For Years 1-2 with a Colouring, Reading and Writing section for 24 Values
  • 2) For Years 6-8 With Interactive Posters, Instruction sheets, Educator planning documents and more…

Year 1-2 Values Series Expansion

Discover our expanded Values series for Year 1-2 learners! Dive into a world where reading, colouring, and writing come together to bring important values to life.

Introduction image for Values series for colouring, reading and writing series Year 1-2

Cover page for Year 1-2 Colouring, reading and writing series CamelliaGlobal

Honesty Colouring and Reading page Year 1-2 Values series CamelliaGlobal

Colouring and Reading sample page for Y1-2 Values series Camelliaglobal- Honesty

Reading and writing samle image for Year 1-2 Values series CamelliaGlobal - Honesty

Reading and Writing sample page for Y1-2 series CamelliaGlobal – Honesty

To download this 24 Values Colouring, Reading and Writing series booklet click “HERE” and follow the link to Google Drive.

Values Series Year 6-8 Students

To make the most of the CamelliaGlobal Values Education Program, we recommend creating a specific folder on your computer or laptop for the downloadable files. The materials include:

  • 4 Posters with Definitions and Examples: Visual aids that illustrate each value, perfect for classroom discussions.
  • Answer Sheet Posters: Use this as a key for the group activities. Keep it hidden from students initially to encourage independent thinking.
  • Instructions for Teachers and Students: These guides will help you seamlessly integrate the program into your curriculum.
  • Group Activity: Encourages students to create and send us posters featuring their favourite values. We look forward to showcasing these creative works!

All the Folders to download for the complete set:

Below: is an example of the flow on the Posters- a 6 x 3 grid poster This is one of the 6 per poster flow examples…

CamelliaGlobal value name Example

Name of Value

Value description for kids

Description of Value

Tips for students to find corresponding answer sheet pictures

Tips for students to find the correct Pictures to represent the Vale

Stickers to be cut out and used to complete  the Task

Picture stickers to cut out and use for Task

Student stick on answers sheet sample

Stick on the Pictures sheet for students to complete

Answer sheet to verify answers for Teacher and Students

Answers Poster to verify for students

Don’t be overwhelmed by the volume of materials. Once downloaded, you can explore them at your leisure and decide how best to incorporate them into your teaching plan. We’ve designed these resources to be flexible and adaptable to your unique educational environment.

To access and download these comprehensive resources, please follow this link to our Google Drive: CamelliaGlobal Values Education Materials.

All we ask in return is that you also explore our other educational resources, which you can find at [Camellia Oil Educational Series: Learning Resources for K-6]. These resources are part of our commitment to supporting educators, parents, and children in the journey of learning and growth.