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At CamelliaGlobal Headquarters for Camellia Oil, we aim to be the premier global online platform. We focus on promoting and sharing knowledge about Camellia oleifera oil, widely known as tea seed oil in China, along with its related products.

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Зэрэг Camellia Oil компанийн төв байр, CamelliaGlobal’s эрхэм зорилго нь иж бүрэн, хэрэглэгчдэд ээлтэй онлайн төвөөр хангах явдал юм Camellia oleifera тос, мөн гэж нэрлэдэг цайны үрийн тос Хятад болон түүнтэй холбоотой бүтээгдэхүүнүүд. Бид хэрэглэгчиддээ дээд зэргийн чанартай бүтээгдэхүүнийг санал болгож, түүх, ашиг тус, хэрэглээний талаарх үнэ цэнэтэй мэдээллээр хангахыг зорьдог Camellia oleifera тос. Маркетингийн бүтэц, агентуудын сүлжээгээр дамжуулан бид хүрээгээ тэлж, сурталчлахыг эрмэлздэг CamelliaGlobal дэлхийн хэмжээнд брэнд. Бид үйлчлүүлэгчдэд онцгой үйлчилгээ үзүүлж, инноваци, хамтын ажиллагаа, тогтвортой байдлын соёлыг төлөвшүүлэх зорилготой. Бидний эцсийн зорилго бол хүмүүс ашиг тусыг нь хүртэх ертөнцийг бий болгох явдал юм Camellia oleifera тос эв нэгдэл, дэлхийн иргэншлийг дэмжихийн зэрэгцээ холбогдох бүтээгдэхүүнүүд.

A vibrant array of CamelliaGlobal's Camellia Oleifera oil products, from small droppers to large bulk containers, illustrating the range available for different needs.

Dive Into the World of Camellia Oleifera

CamelliaGlobal warmly invites you to explore a universe rich in heritage and benefits. Delving into the historical roots of Camellia Oleifera, you will discover its versatile applications and scientific insights. Consequently, we offer an array of premium products, each crafted for excellence.

Your Journey Awaits:

From Bloom to Oil: The Journey of Camellia Oleifera at CamelliaGlobal Headquarters.


Witness the origin of purity in Camellia Oleifera. Each tree, nurtured to bloom with care, sets the stage for the oil that brings nature’s touch into your home. Therefore, experience the transition from today’s flowers to tomorrow’s nourishing oil

Expanded Camellia Oleifera Oil Table-

АтрибутДэлгэрэнгүй мэдээлэлAdditional InformationHealth Benefits
Гликемийн индекс/ачаалалБагаSuitable for balanced dietsSupports stable blood sugar levels
Ботаникийн нэрCamellia Oleifera
Нийтлэг нэрсCamellia Oil Tree/Plant, “Tea Seed Oil”Anti-ageing, Hair care, Scar and wound healing
Cooking/Frying UsageHigh Smoking Point – 485°F (252°C)Versatile for various cooking methodsPreserves nutritional integrity at high temperatures
Nutritional CompositionRich in omega-9, antioxidants, vitamin E75-85% oleic acidPromotes heart health and cholesterol management
Flavour ProfileLight, adaptable for cooking and bakingEnhances food taste without overpowering
Өндөр үр дүнтэйSkin health: Acne, Dry skin, Skin diseasesCancer prevention: Breast, Colon, UterineNurtures skin, aids in cancer preventive measures
EffectivenessAnti-ageing, Hair care, Scar and wound healingAnalgesic, Anti-allergic, AntimicrobialStrengthens hair and nails, accelerates healing
Primary ActionsMoisturizing, Healing, SoothingAntioxidant, EmollientImproves skin elasticity, offers deep hydration
Antioxidants PresentHigh in Vitamin E, Polyphenols, SqualeneNotable for their high concentrationsProtects against oxidative stress, enhances skin and hair health
Хоол тэжээлийн үнэ цэнэAbundant in antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acidsSupports overall health and well-beingContributes to cardiovascular health, immune support
Additional BenefitsImmunity booster, Skin toner, AntidiabeticAnti-ageing, Hair care, Scar and wound healingBroad-spectrum health benefits from regular use

Discover CamelliaGlobal Headquarters for Camellia Oil: The Essence of Camellia Oil

An intricate representation of CamelliaGlobal's hub of knowledge, featuring a Camellia flower and interconnected nodes symbolizing a network of information.

A Journey from Asia to the World

From its origins in Asia, Camellia oil has been prized for centuries for its nourishing properties. Furthermore, its versatility in both the culinary and cosmetic worlds has increased its popularity worldwide. Therefore, explore the fascinating түүх behind this ancient oil, uncovering its unique composition and the various methods used to extract and refine it.

Health and Beauty Benefits of Camellia Oil

Moreover, as you browse our comprehensive guide, you’ll discover the wide range of benefits that Camellia oil has to offer. Not only does it have a high monounsaturated fat content, beneficial for heart health, but it also has an impressive antioxidant profile that helps protect the body from free radicals.

  • In the Kitchen: Perfect for cooking and baking, enhancing flavours without overpowering. Video nr 8 in the series.
  • For Beauty: Transform your skincare and haircare routines with the natural touch of Camellia oil. This will take you to our very comprehensive Cosmetic Use page where there is a plethora of information on how to with tips and some secrets revealed.

Dive deeper into the world of Camellia Oleifera:

  • Video Series: Health Insights: Engage with our 8-part video series detailing the origins of Camellia oil and its numerous health benefits, including gut and brain health, skincare, and hair care.
  • About Camellia Oleifera: Explore the About Camellia Oleifera page for an in-depth look at the oil’s unique characteristics and benefits.
  • Historical Perspective: Gain insights into the evolution and significance of Camellia Oleifera oil on our History of Camellia Oleifera page, highlighting its development and scientific advancements.
  • Comparative Analysis: Understand how Camellia Oleifera oil compares to other oils like avocado and olive on our Comparisons Camellia Avocado Olive page, focusing on their distinct properties and uses.
  • Research and Articles: Dive into a variety of topics on our Blog, which features articles and posts detailing ongoing research and scientific discoveries related to Camellia Oleifera.

CamelliaGlobal Headquarters for Camellia Oil presents:

A collage illustrating CamelliaGlobal's comprehensive educational resources, including the Camellia Oleifera journey, values for children, and cognitive biases exploration
  • Firstly, delve into our Educational Video Series to explore the myriad benefits of Camellia Oleifera Oil. This series is perfect for those seeking in-depth knowledge about this remarkable natural oil.
  • Explore the Series

2. Camellia Oil Educational Series: Learning Resources for K-Y6

  • Additionally, discover our Camellia Oil Educational Series, offering a range of learning resources tailored for students from Kindergarten to Year 6. This series is ideal for integrating into school curriculums or at-home learning.
  • Access Learning Resources

3. CamelliaGlobal Values for Children All over the Globe

  • Furthermore, engage with our Values for Children initiative, providing resources, instruction sheets, and posters to instil essential life values. This global program is designed for young minds everywhere.
  • Learn More and Download Resources

4. Understanding Cognitive Biases by CamelliaGlobal

  • Lastly, embark on a journey through the world of cognitive biases with our interactive and engaging series. Perfect for teachers and students, this collection includes 56 biases, each with unique stories and illustrations to facilitate learning and critical thinking.
  • Explore Cognitive Biases